PIRENE ローラ・フラーティ・グッチさん


Laura Frati Gucci


Personal Information
· Nationality: Italian
· Date of Birth: 18/03/1957

Institutional Experience
· Since 1997: elected as partner of Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze (A foundation of the Bank of Florence, concerned inter alia with Artistic and Historical Patrimony Maintenance)
· From 1998 to 2000: elected to the Administrative Council of Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze
· From 2000 to 2012: Nominated Member of the Comissions of Artistic and Historical Maintenance and of Landscape and Environment, and of the Observatory of Trades and Art of Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze
· From 1994-2004: Administrative Council to the Automobile Club Italia of Prato
· From 1997 to 2003: Administrative Council of Polimoda, nominated by the Mayor of Florence Primicerio and subsequently by Mayor Domenici. Develops contacts of Polimoda with the Bunka School, Tokyo.
· From 1999 to 2003: Administrative Council of Centro Moda Spa
· From 2000 to 2004: Member of the Committee of Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship at the Chamber of Commerce, Florence Experience in Commissions and Governmental Activities
· Since 31 March 2011: nominated by the Minister of Equal Opportunities: Member of the Ministerial Commission for Equal Opportunities
· From 2009 to 2012: nominated by the Minister of Labour Maurizio Sacconi: Member of the Commission for Equal Opportunities.
· From 2008 to April 2014: nominated by the Commune of Florence: Member of the VIII Advisory Commission for Equal Opportunities
· Participation at ministerial roundtables with labour associations on issues of gender and work
· 2009: Was called by the Minister of Labour to draft the Essay of Italian Diversity
· June 2007: nominated by the Minister of Health Livia Turco as member of the Ministerial Commission on Women’s Health
· 1994: representation of Italy in Berlin together with Minister Maroni and the Italian Ambassador, with the task of developing industrial and commercial relations with East Germany.

Experience in national and international Non-Profit Organizations & Pro Bono Work
· Since January 2015: Vice President of the Conference of International NGOs, Council of Europe, Strasbourg
· Since January 2014: Member of the Administrative Council of Femmes de l’Economie (www.femmes-economie.com)
· Since 2011: World President of the NGO F.C.E.M – Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Mondiales – association with seat in France in which national organizations of 120 states participate, such as AIDDA in Italy. FCEM is concerened with issues of gender, women’s rights, empowerment and development of female entrepreneurship (www.fcem.org). From 2005 until 2011 FCEM Vice President. Mandate of World President was unanimously renewed in Marseille, April 2013.
· From 2005 until 2011: National President of AIDDA (Associazione Imprenditrici e Donne Dirigenti d’Azienda) for the maximum term of three mandates. Has been from 1999 until 2005 President of the Delegation of Tuscany for the maximum of three mandates and National Counsel.
· 2008: Founding partner of the Perioperatoria Medicine Society, non-profit, together with Prof. Guido Fanelli (University of Parma) and Prof. Francesco Giunta (Univerity of Pisa)
· Since 2007: founding partner of Onlus Foemina Foundation, presided by Prof. Mauro Marchionni (University of Florence)
· Since 2007: Non-profit Association “Sì Salute Insieme”: Founding partner and Secretary General, presided by Prof. Luigi Frati, Dean of University La Sapienza, Rome

Entrepreneurial Experience
· Since 1999: founder and president of the company Pirene srl, with an annual turnover of over 600.000 euro. The company deals with marketing, communications, training and services.
· In 2002: obtains licence of Technical Director of Travel Agencies
· Since March 2013: Sole Manager of four real estate agencies: Immobiliare Lorenz Srl, Toscobuilding Srl , Grima Srl, Immobiliare Lorenz SrL. Agencies that are currently undertaking construction development programmes in all over Tuscany.
· From 1996 to 1997: Delegated Manager of ICR Poland, distribution of sowing threads, Poland
· From 1993 to 1997: Management Counsel of Edeltex GmbH, Germany
· From 1993 to 1995: ICR Tunisie, textile distribution, Tunisia: Founder and Delegated Manager
· From 1995 to 1996: ICR Maroc, textile distribution, Morocco: Founder and Delegated Manager
· From 1993 to 1997: Associate responsible for legal affairs of International Woolen Company Ltd, Maine, USA
· From 1979 to 1997: Management Counsel, Frati Group Spa
· In 1995: participated actively in the construction of a mixed public and private Consortium for the purification of denominated waters “Consortium Copediana Porcaci” in Lucca, Italy.

· International Language High School of Poggio Imperiale Florence
· 1976-77: London School of Economics: Courses in Business and Accounting
· Registration with the Order of Italian Journalists, nr. 128915
· Sorbonne University, Paris: Courses in French literature
· Bocconi University Milan: Courses in Accounting, Marketing and Communications
· Province of Florence: Technical Director of Travel Agencies

Skills and Prizes
· Italian, English and French, proficient, German and Spanish, medium level
· Since 2008: Member of the Committee of the Aldo Manunzio Italian Prize for the promotion of culture and the European book
· Collaboration with Eurispes for “Lookout Immigration”, a permanent observatory
· Participation as speaker at national and international conferences, both English and French speaking
· Interviews in relation to female entrepreneurship on national and international journals, national (Ballarò, Uno Mattina) and international TV and national radio (radio 24, radio ECO, radio Kiss Kiss)
· Lectures at the Catholic University, Policlinico Milan, University of Florence, La Sapienza Rome, University College Padova, on leadership and gender
· Collaboration in mentorships with Florence School of Business
· Collaboration and Direction of projects on equal opportunity and welfare as volunteer
· In 2001: prize of “Honoree International Who’s Who Professional and Business Woman” in the USA
· In 1998: is awarded Fiorino d’Oro (Gloden Florin) of Florence
· In 1998: for her entrepreneurial activity in the textile world, she receives in London the prize “The Leading